There is an increased focus from home buyers on energy efficiency and sustainability features in their homes.  The main drivers for this increased focus could be social awareness, financial benefits, energy independence and more.

There is a growing demand from new home buyers in Australia for the new home building industry to offer lower emission homes with lower ongoing energy costs.  This is driving the expectation that new homes built in Australia be designed with high energy efficiency ratings of a minimum of 7 stars. 

This 7-star rating would provide the homeowners with at least 3 distinct benefits:

  1. They would qualify for a green home loan securing them a 0.4 % discount on their home loan rates from participating banks, for a period of 5 years.
  2. The resale value of their homes would attract a 10% premium compared to a comparable house that did not have the same high efficiency rating.
  3. Ongoing reduced energy consumption costs.

Home builders could become market leaders by offering high efficiency homes that meet the market’s growing expectations.  Home builders could offer 7 star rated versions for their range of homes, or even make all their homes 7 star rated, to gain a competitive advantage in the domestic building industry.

There are several ways to achieve a seven-star efficiency rating such as high levels of insulation, solar hot water and energy efficient air conditioning, but solar plus batteries is expected to play a major role in achieving a minimum seven-star rating.

Solar Energy Warehouse are able to supply the Home Building and Property Development industry with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and compatible inverters, and can provide the best value for money and highest quality modular energy storage systems in Australia.