Comparison Chart

ManufacturerDynessLG ChemTeslaSonnen
ModelPowerboxRESU SeriesPowerwall 2Sonnenbattterie hybrid
TypeLithium Battery System 48VLithium Battery System 48VAC Lithium Battery SystemLithium Battery System 48V
Dimensions928 (H) 555 (W) 210 (D) 483 (H) 452 (W) 227 (D) (9.8 kWh)1150 (H) 755 (W) 155 (D)1370 (H) 670 (W) 230 (D) (10 kWh)
Solar StorageYES (requires inverter)YES (requires inverter)YES (built-in AC coupled inverter)YES (built-in hybrid inverter)
Backup During OutageYES (requires inverter)YES (requires inverter)YES (requires Tesla Gateway)YES
Off-Grid CapabilityYESYESNOYES
Solar Battery Rebate ApprovedYESYESYESYES
Modular System - can be expandedYESNONOYES
Modular Expansion Increments2.4kWh incrementsN/AN/A2.5kWh increments
Minimum Battery Size 2.4kWh 3.3kWh13.5kWh5kWh
Battery Size OptionsMax capacity of Powerbox - 9.6kWh Max capacity with Powercube - 21.6kWh Fixed sizes of 3.3kWh, 6.5kWh, 9.8kWh, 12.4kWhFixed 13.5kWh5 kWh
Capacity Expansion LimitationsPowerbox - max of 4 cabinets (38.4kWh) Powercube - no limitsMax of 2 units (19.6kWh)Max of 3 units (40.5kWh)Max of 3 cabinets (45kWh)
Usable Capacity90%90%90%90%
Battery ChemistryLiFePO4Lithium NMCLithium NMC (Panasonic)LiFePO4
Warranty10 years 6000 cycles (70% EOL capacity)10 years 60% EOL capacity10 years 70% EOL capacity10 years 10,000 cycles
Compatible InvertersGoodwe, Sofar, Solis, Luxpower Victron, Imeon, Deye SMA, Infini/Voltronic/Axpert GMDE, Sungrow, Delios, Imeon.SMA, Solax, Selectronic Victron, Redback GoodweN/A AC CoupledBuilt-in hybrid inverter
Wholesale price per kWh including hybrid inverters$755.62$772.86$1,001.78$1,065.00