Changes announced in January 2020 by the SA government to their Home Battery Scheme, means that the scheme will now be open to new home buyers and new builds.

Previously, the Home Battery Scheme required the batteries to be installed within a 6-month window, which did not allow enough time to build a new home.  However, the window has now been extended to 12 months, meaning that developers can now receive the Home Battery Scheme subsidy for the installation of batteries. They can then offer the solar and battery systems to new home buyers at no additional cost.

One of Australia’s leading residential building industry suppliers, Stoddard Group, is keen to take advantage of the Home Battery Scheme and expects to install 2000 solar plus battery systems in South Australia in 2020, and more than 10,000 over the next four years, with the aim of forming one of the largest virtual power plants (VPPs) in the world.