Solar Energy Warehouse is proud to announce that we are entering into a strategic partnership with Mr. Manoa S Tangi (Steve) from Solar Energy Tonga to provide affordable power solutions to the Tongan community via the Solar Power Systems initiative.

Tonga has a population of approx. 106,000 and the Tongan Government has a plan to have all residential electricity users off-grid by 2030. Solar Energy Tonga was established to ensure the local population are not adversely affected by the government’s plans regarding reticulated electricity. Also, Steve’s role is to build, install and ensure the project is sustainable and acceptability to the people and government of Tonga.

Solar Energy Tonga has been in discussions with the Tongan Government, particularly with Tonga Power Limited (MEIDETC) and have also had positive discussions with the Tongan Development Bank regarding their support for the Solar Power Systems initiative.

The Solar Power Systems initiative will also be targeting rural villages, where electricity is unreliable or non-existent and impacting villager’s health, education and sanitation.

Solar Energy Tonga is focused on supporting the Tongan community and half of the proceeds of the business will be donated to the charitable trust, Fungataua Educational & Cultural Trust.

Solar Energy Warehouse is proud to be involved with providing the Tongan residential community with the most affordable and cost effective solar power systems.

We would like to thank our supply partners (Dyness, Lux Power) for supporting this church led, community focused initiative, by providing us with high quality low cost solar power systems.