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The closest directly comparable energy storage system product to Dyness is Pylontech in terms of modular and expandable system design, and overall flexibility of the system.

Pylontech has a growing reputation in Australia as being a very good quality, reliable, and value for money brand, with ever increasing sales volumes.

Dyness is a not a very widely known brand around Australia, even though it has been around for about 3 years in the Australian market, and has all the relevant Australian certifications such as CEC approval, and is on the approved equipment lists all the government battery rebate schemes.

We have compiled a comparison table to compare the two base 2,4kWh modules from Dyness (B4850) and Pylontech (US2000) on all their technical specs and features.

Based on the comparison of all the technical information above, the Dyness B4850 modules as just as good if not better than the Pylontech US2000 module, and hence provide better value for money.

Solar Energy Warehouse is the main importer and distributor of Dyness energy storage systems in Australia and New Zealand, and also service the Pacific Islands.

Please contact us to find out more about Dyness products and how we can support you in providing high quality, CEC approved, value for money energy storage systems to your customers.